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9 months ago

Vivoom CEO Katherine Hays: How to UGC Clearly Now

In the debut episode of Authentic Influence, Vivoom CEO Katherine Hays sits down with Adam Conner to lay some UGC groundwork – best-in-class standards to which any business should hold themselves to ensure they are getting the most value out of user-generated content.

Katherine is a visionary in the world of marketing and advertising technology. She made her first entrepreneurial venture in the gaming world through the co-founding of Massive Inc. which sought to embed dynamic branded content into video games. After Microsoft acquired Massive, she moved on to become CEO of GenArts, whose Sapphire visual effects software is a must-have in Hollywood and is used by the majority of the feature-filmmaking industry. Today, she is co-founder and CEO of Vivoom, a consumer activation platform empowering brands to turn their prospects and customers into a network of authentic influencers, and the pioneer of a business practice known as User-Generated Advertising.

Specific topics to be covered in this episode:

  • Why Katherine started Vivoom
  • Views on the advertising industry today
  • Why UGC is important, and why it is seriously risky in its current use as a business practice
  • Standards for how marketers/entrepreneurs/brand strategists should be thinking about building up best-in-class UGC practices for their businesses
  • Most important first step to take in getting started down the path to UGC best practices

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