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6 months ago

Kicking It with New Balance VP Global Marketing Chris Davis

Authenticity over Advocacy, Bucking Trends, Challengers, and More

Welcome to another year of Authentic Influence! Today, we begin 2019 with a conversation with Chris Davis, VP Global Marketing at New Balance.

Specific topics to be covered in this episode:

  • Why New Balance prefers a network of ambassadors consisting of pro-level athletes and others over traditional "influencers" to develop true authenticity as opposed to advocacy
  • How New Balance balances product co-creation and content freedom to maximize the authentic value of its ambassador partners
  • The ways in which New Balance leverages "challenger" tactics in its marketing, and the implications it has for building influence against the grain
  • How New Balance has leaned into defying conformity and testing new initiatives, with the realization that comfort and growth cannot coexist
  • How peer-to-peer influence is the most authentic type of influence available in the market today
  • New Balance's upcoming partnerships across sports and beyond
  • Advice on how to become more authentic in general within messaging and branding

We hope you enjoy!

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