Authentic Influence
5 months ago

What's in the Cards for Hallmark CMO Lindsey Roy

Going Beyond the Greeting

On today's episode, I sit down with Lindsey Roy, the Chief Marketing Officer of Hallmark, to explore the power of words and how to amplify them through the authentic voice of the individual.

Specific topics to be covered in this episode:

  • Level-setting with a life-changing event for Lindsey which gives her unique life perspective -- and how to get it for free
  • What pushed Lindsey to become the youngest-ever VP at Hallmark
  • As part of the organization arguably the strongest at capturing and amplifying stories in the world -- what are some guiding principles Lindsey has carried in her career to help Hallmark get even better at it every day
  • How Lindsey leverages Hallmark's audience of consumers, who choose everyday to tell their stories through Hallmark, to grow the authentic influence they have
  • Tips to become more authentic
  • Lindsey's favorite card

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