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8 months ago

Vivoom CEO Katherine Hays: How to Build Shareable Products and Experiences

Examples from Coke, Starbucks, Lululemon, Warby Parker, Ring, Peloton, and more

On today's episode, Vivoom CEO Katherine Hays joins us once again on the show, as together she and I discuss building inherently shareable products and experiences in today's world of fast-paced, consumer-centric, and consumer-driven marketing.

Specific topics to be covered in this episode:

  • Why shareability is so important through the rise of the "experience" economy
  • How it has evolved in the 21st century
  • Some key factors driving it
  • Brands we believe are doing it well today
  • How marketers can start to focus on becoming more shareable -- and the implications it has upon their businesses.

Read Katherine's November 27 Entrepreneur article via the link here.

Here is the 1998 HBR piece on "The Experience Economy."

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